Después También | Shortfilm by Carla Simón

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Ficha técnica

Dirección: Carla Simón

Producción Ejecutiva: Carla Sospedra

Productora: Maria Zamora

Productora: Avalon P.C

Guión: Carla Simón, Aina Clotet, Valentina Viso

Directora de Fotografía: Gris Jordana

Dirección de Arte: Monica Bernuy

Diseño de Vestuario: Anna Aguilà

Edición: Anna Pfaff

Sonido: Eva Valiño

Música: La Casa Azul


Berner Maynés

Cristina Colomer

Núria Prims

Lluís Marques

Enric Auquer

Anuncio publicitario

Las pequeñas cosas by Carla Simón

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LAS PEQUEÑAS COSAS Trailer from Carla Simón on Vimeo

«Las pequeñas cosas» (Those little things») is the story of a complex and interdependent relationship between a mother and a daughter who struggle to live together. Ana (40 years old) suffers achondroplasia – dwarfism – and her mother (70 years old), a beautiful, elegant and sophisticated woman, has never accepted her daughter’s condition. The muted taboos between the two women resonate more than ever as they prepare the house for the visit of Juan – the son and brother who lives away from home – and his new girlfriend.